Curved Anti Grabbity Strips


For small round railings.
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Anti Grabbity is a transparent prickly strip that is easy to attach and will help improve your balcony safety by making it difficult to place your weight on the railing.

Attach to your balcony railing to stop little hands grabbing hold or reckless adults messing around.

Will it fit my balcony?
Curved Anti Grabbity strip will railings of a diameter 5cm or smaller
See “Installation” on how to attach to your railing depending on balcony type.

How much do I need?
Anti Grabbity is sold by the meter, so if your balcony is 3 metres long, buy 3 meters.
If your balcony is 4.6m long, buy 5 meters.

How do I attach it to my railing?
Anti Grabbity comes with both glue dots and cable ties. Cable ties are the best option so use these where you can.
If your railing doesn’t have a gap underneath use the glue dots UV treated outdoor glue dots.

For a permanent option use a small amount of Clear Liquid Nail or Bostik Multi Bond.

Bulk Orders
1 – 24m: gAus $19.95 per metre  + shipping
25m – 49m: Aus $18.95 per metre  + shipping
50m – 99m: Aus $17.95 per metre + shipping
100m +: Aus $14.95 per metre  + shipping

How much is shipping?
Australia: Aus $15
Rest of the world: Aus $40

Additional information

Weight 135 g
Dimensions 9 × 8 × 52 cm

140g weight is per metre

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