Anti Grabbity

Is your balcony safe?

Now there is a way to improve your balcony safety that is cost effective, easy to install and requires no modifications to your home –  a perfect solution for renters.

“Anti Grabbity” is a prickly textured strip that fits along the top of your railing to prevent hands from grabbing hold.  This makes it very hard for small children to lean over the rail or pull themselves up.

Not just for children either, “Anti Grabbity”  is the perfect barrier for reckless adults partying on hotel balconies. Put a stop to planking and dangerous alcohol-fueled behavior.

The transparent strips connect together to cover your balcony railing with installation taking only a few minutes.  Virtually invisible, they’ll keep any strata happy.


Living in cities is becoming a more popular choice for families with young children with many lifestyle benefits. Two downsides to apartment living are 1. Apartment size and 2. Dangerous balconies.

Currently most parents are just locking the balcony doors. In large cities the balcony area is a large portion of your living space and, your kid’s outdoor area. Closing the doors cuts off your fresh air and decreases your square footage.

If you do leave your balcony doors open you can’t watch your kids 100% of the time. Kids love to climb and chances are at some stage they will try to climb over the railing. Do you want to take the chance of leaving them unprotected? Buy it now!

Since 2000 there have been 271 overboard incidents on cruise ships. Falling overboard is a reality especially when alcohol is involved.

Parents are hesitant about booking a cruise for their family because they are too worried about their kids climbing over the balcony railings. When they do book, they choose the cheaper inside suite without a balcony as the safer option. Could you do more to assist in preventing falls overboard and at the same time increase your sales by making your ship more inviting to families?

Show your guests you have them protected. Find out how easy this will be, call Hollie on 0413 666 345

Balcony safety is a big concern especially during times such as Schoolies. Lots of teenagers in the party mood, fueled with alcohol engaging in risky behavior. Since the hotels voted against closing balcony doors during the Schoolies period, the only option to keep them safe is Anti Grabbity.

Balcony falls not only have a human and financial cost but your reputation will be permanently damaged. Then try Google your hotel name when someone falls from your balcony. Search results won’t be showing the lovely view you have, instead articles on the latest drunk teenager falling to their death.

Don’t wait until a fall happens at your hotel. Call Hollie 0413 666 345 to get your hotel protected for Schoolies 2016 and for all future guests with small children.

The Details

Each piece is connected together creating seamless coverage of your railing.

Suits all shapes

Anti Grabbity comes in flat, semi-curved and curved to give the perfect fit for any balcony shape.


It won’t interfere with the aesthetics of your building keeping Strata happy. UV treated and won’t discolour in the sun.

Prickles not Spikes

The prickles won’t hurt little hands when touching but make it very uncomfortable when weight bearing.

Flat Anti Grabbity

Flat, transparent interconnecting strips for flat balcony railings.
These can also be placed on the top of a chest of draws to deter little climbers.

Enjoy your balcony view knowing your kids are a little safer.

$19.95 – $10.95 per metre  (Aus)

Semi-Curved Anti Grabbity

Perfect for railings with a diameter greater than 5.5cm.
Easy to install and no need for a handyman. Even an 8 year-old can do it!

Now there is no need to keep your balcony doors locked.

$19.95 – $10.95 per metre (Aus)

Curved Anti Grabbity

Suitable for a “skinny” round railing. Diameters of less than 5cm.
Renting? No need for any modifications to your balcony, you can have this installed in a couple of minutes.

Peace of mind even when your back is turned.

$19.95 – $10.95 per metre (Aus)


Clean the balcony railing to ensure it is free of any grease, dirt or oil,  especially if you are using glue dots.

If you have a gap under your railing, use cable ties. If there is no space use glue dots. 

Using cable ties:
Place the first strip against the end of the rail (use one glue dot here to keep it in place).  Tie the cable tie around the rail and strip.

Using glue dots:
Place four dots on each strip. Stick to the railing and hold down firmly. Use gardening gloves or a tea towel to place ontop while pressing down.

Position the end of the cable tie to the outside of the rail.  Pull it as tight as possible and cut the excess.

Connect the second strip as shown, pushing the knobs into the holes . Cable ties are only really needed on every second strip. If using glue dots put them on all the strips.

Continue like this to the end of the rail.

Measure the remaining end of the rail, mark this distance on the last strip.

Using a Stanley knife or sharp knife, score the side and top of the strip at the marked place. Grab the strip in a tea towel with thumbs either side of the score mark.  Bend and snap hard and fast to break.

If you need to attach the strips permanently, use Selley’s Clear Liquid Nails or Bostik Multi Bond. Use just a couple of drops per strip.

Warning: This may remove the paint or varnish when it’s time to take the strips off.

To remove the strips cut the cable ties. If you have used glue dots pull the strips off slowly but firmly.

If you have used liquid nails, pull the strips of carefully and remove any remaining glue with a solvent suitable for the railing material. Test on a nonvisible area first to avoid damage to the rail.


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I can’t attach “Anti Grabbity” with a cable tie on my balcony railing. What do I do?

Not all balconies will have a gap or a free rail to attach using a cable tie. For a semi-permanent option ( 1 – 2 years) use the adhesive dots.
If you want a really firm permanent hold, buy some Selley’s Clear Liquid Nails or Bostik Multi Bond from a hardware store.

How many cable ties do I use?

If you can attach one cable tie per 50cm section that would give it a good strong hold. If there are a limited number of places to put your cable ties, try using adhesive dots on the sections without a cable tie.

My balcony is curved, will “Anti Grabbity” fit?

At the moment “Anti Grabbity” only fits straight balcony railings. Curved sections will be added to the range  in the near future.

I don’t want to use adhesive and I can’t use cable ties either what can I do?

Great news, I’ve thought of you guys. There will be a new attachment option in the near future. In the meantime, try the adhesive dots, you can remove them without damage to your rail.

My order hasn’t arrived… what now?

All packages posted have tracking, and while we are not in control of what happens after the delivery company has picked it up,  we will do our best to locate it for you.  We also ask that you assist  us in any way you can your end if you are not in Australia.

If the parcel is totally MIA after we’ve both made an effort to locate it then we are happy to send you another one.  We want happy customers.

I had the wrong address in my Paypal account and my order hasn’t arrived.

Doh! This totally sucks but there is no way we can know this is not your correct address. First things first.. change your address in Paypal.

Sorry but we can’t send you another one for free , but really feel your pain.
However, our parcels have a return address and if/when the original one arrives back safely to us we will refund the total amount straight away.